At most workspaces, light is just appearing in background, so individuals recognize its bad condition when their eyes start to get tired. Elsewise the light is hardly accessible so that it just spreads across the room and is not controllable. A suitable and healthy light which fits to different types of work conditions is unreachable or even nonexistent. Being part of an automised light system, the ideal light should turn these dependencies the other way around: Giving the user control for setting up a perfect luminous environment and focussing the auto-matic background processes on holding the preferences throughout the whole day, including minor or major changes.
the concept
Light is typically thought additive: many different light sources are assembled to achieve the desired light condition. Our concept combines the possibilities of light sources and represents it into one interactive and holistic interface. The user can influence the light from his working desk. An intuitive interface makes the intangible properties of light tangible through physical comprehensible change in the form and an immediate reaction of the light itself. The user can now shape it - similar to a flexible mass.
We are convinced that in contrast to pictures of a intangible and non objective future, the world of tomorrow will not be handled without physical interfaces, because the haptic and the feeling of objects as well as forming them with our hands and the simultaneous visual and physical feedback of an existing body represents the most original and natural interaction model for a human being. Our interface is developed to make the intelligent technology that operates invisibly in the background more under-standable and easier to experience through a representative object, which is designed to control light more intuitive and natural at any workspace situation.
the interaction
The light body of Loui pulsates while being in sleep mode.
To begin a day working together with Loui, 
you have to wake it up.
expansion & brightness control
As Loui wakes up, the light will spread across your workspace. The ambient light condition can be dimmed and regulated by turning it.
spot & alignment​​​​​​​
By squeezing it's body, the light will collect and transform into an
accurate spot, which can be aligned by turning Loui.

exhibition at the FHP Werkschau 
team members

Emil Woop, Leon Kürzeder & Felix Thiel
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