Pelle Luca Dwertmann
+49 176 30 487 420
» Products and technologies we're interacting with in our daily life should function and feel, as we expect them to and help us to manage tasks and problems in special and common situations. «
I am a 24 years old design student, currently based in Berlin and studying at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. I’m passionated about the merge of Interface design & Product design, to shape our digitising future and help it to be more sensual, realistic and surprising, apart from screens and virtual realities. 
I consider the job of a designer as necessarily theoretical, abstract and openminded toward any issue and question that comes up. The familiar design skills are a consequence rather to communicate work, concepts and thoughts than a main task.

I gained experience working for Deutsche Telekom and HAW. As a freelancer I am currently working on a service design for autonomous vehicles, focusing on retail solutions during the emerging time on freeways.


2013 - 2018 
Product design & Interface design (B.A.)
University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany

2010 - 2012
high-school diploma (A Level)
Integrated School OHZ, Lower Saxony, Germany


Industrial design intern 
HAW, Berlin, Germany

2012 - 2013
Product design intern
weltunit, Berlin, Germany

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