our vision
Living without a car in the countryside, seems impossible for most people today. The car is still the most popular and more often the only way to stay flexible and move along the mostly bad infrastructure outside of big cities. Nevertheless free seats in private cars are just rarely used during everyday rides. With joyn we want to make these free seats available and give people without an own car the opportunity of a fast and spontaneous alternative to public transports. Our platform enables people that own a car, to share their free seats with other people with the same destination. Joyn makes car sharing easier, comfortable and more spontaneous, it is a new way of public transport in rural areas.
join easily
order a ride
Simply open the app and type in pick up location and your destination. Before you book a ride, you’ll see price and the time of arrival.
ride together
You can track the position of your driver through the app.
As soon he arrives, all you have to do is joyn him.
As soon as you arrive at your destination, you just get out of the car. The fare 
is automatically charged of your deposited credit card or bank account.
passengers with just one button
As soon as you activate your ride, you just start driving. If you have a new passenger, his pick-up point is automatically adapted to your regular route.
full control throughout the whole ride
With the joyn-app, you have full control throughout the whole journey. Possible detours, safety conditions for your passengers and more.
driving smarter
Joyn is an outstanding possibility to reduce fuel and energy cost as well as saving money for the next technical service for your car. Your passengers pay immediately after the arrival, the earned amount gets applied to your joyn account.
our driving assistant
Do you want to handle everything with just one button? To experience our full sharing service, the joyn button can be applied to your car easily. We are convinced, that a physical interaction leads to much more aware and clear decision, of sharing your private car with other passengers. If a physical confirma-tion is necessary to share your ride, it is distinct, that the ride is published and is accessible for other members of the joyn community. Our assistant will re-route your ride to pick up new passengers, asks for feedback whether passengers enter or exit the car via voice control and provides less distraction and more time for private things during your ride.
With just one click on the share button, you can provide your ride to other members. Our assistant instructs you about new passengers and changes of your route, so you have a safe trip.
the journey
team members 

Henrik Waffner & Philipp Voss
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